6-week natural weight loss program

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Are you frustrated with trying to lose weight ONLY to gain it back? If you want to take the next step and maximize your health and achieve your weight loss goals, join this 6-week program! Renew, Reshape and Re-Energize Your Body Naturally!


6 Online Workshops with Dr. Alice:

6 Online Workshops that have been pre-recorded so you can watch it at your convenience.  However, it’s recommended you commit to watching at least one video a week so you can follow along and maximize your results.  Block out 1 hour every week and be sure to put in your calendar! You will get 6 weeks to access these videos but if you need more time, you can join one of our maintenance programs to have unlimited access! Dr. Alice will go into more depth with each of these 10 steps and it will take you from just wanting to live healthier to ACTUALLY LIVING HEALTHIER. Getting you in action with a plan to achieve those weight loss goals!